• Poor digestion

• Gallstones

You can reduce the risk of gallstones through adjustments in the diet. This allows you to influence the bile more fluid, the bile contraction and keep the bile flow going. This can reduce the risk of gallstones and digestive problems caused by a malfunctioning bile.

Your weight is also an important factor for developing gallstones, losing weight, in a healthy, not too fast way is an absolute must!

also do the Liver and Bile Complaints self-test!

What can we do for you

We will work with you to look for the suitable nutritional adjustments, possibly supplemented with supplements to address the (cause of) the symptoms.

The dietary advice is personal, completely adapted to your wishes, complaints and possibilities.

Appointment and information

Make an appointment for tailored advice for comprehensive and personally customized nutritional advice. If you want more information, please contact us.