Fee & rate

3 hours reimbursed from the basic insurance

A 1st call lasts 1- 1 1/2 hours. An additional 30 minutes is calculated for elaboration.

Follow-up consultations, dietary confirmations, supplements advice, advice and/or assessments of blood results, other elaborations of advice, flora analyses, also telephone consultations or questions via e-mail, are declared every 15 minutes.

3 hours of dietary advice per calendar year is included in the basic insurance (take into account netting with your own risk). Extra hours can be reimbursed from a supplementary insurance. I have contracts with all (Dutch) Health insurers, the note goes directly to your health insurer.

If you'd like to see if I have a contract with your insurance, check here. If you want to know if your supplementary insurance will cover extra hours in addition to the 3 hours you already have from the basic insurance, an overview can be found here.

Rates of unimbursed care

If you are no longer entitled to reimbursement from your insurance, the following rates apply:

Consult 90 minutes € 105, –
Consult 60 minutes € 70,-
Extra time 1st consultation € 35, –
Follow-up consultation 30 minutes € 35, –
Follow-up consultation 15 minutes €17.50
Supplements advice 15-30 minutes € 17.50 – € 35, –
Diet confirmation before tax €17.50
Home visit surcharge € 35, –

Unseated appointment:

You will be billed for a consultation if you fail to honour any agreements made or cancel in time (2 working days in advance).