With the help of this test, you can check if you have any symptoms that may be related to hypoglycemia.

• Do you get dizziness if you haven't eaten in a long time?

• Are you irritable before meals or if the meal is postponed?

• Are you going to shake when you haven't eaten in a while?

• Do you get complaints if you eat late or skip a meal?

• Do you have trouble with your concentration if you haven't eaten for a long time?

• Get a headache if you haven't eaten for a long time

• Can't go without snacks?


If you answered yes with 2 or more questions, there is a chance that you suffer from hypoglycemia.

What can we do for you?

Due to adjustments in the diet, these complaints can often disappear as annoying. You will receive personal nutritional advice, adapted your possibilities and wishes, supplemented with practical and recipe tips.

Appointment and information

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