Iodine can be in your food, but only if the soil on which crops are grown contains enough iodine. Iodine can also be added to salt, which you can see on the packaging as: iotad salt.

Bread with iodine?

Baker's salt contains more iodine than normal iotaed salt. This salt can be used to bake bread. That's not mandatory. Thus, organic bread is not baked with i draped salt. To get enough iodine from your bread you have to eat bread with iaded baker's salt and at least 6 slices a day.

Sea animals, vegetables and dairy

Because there is iodine in seawater, fish and other animals from the sea will also be a source of iodine. Vegetables, if the soil on which it is grown contains iodine, can also provide iodine, just like dairy.


If you eat no or little bread, or always opt for organic bread, it is best to choose a supplement of iodine in the form of a supplement. A multi vitamin and mineral preparation can then be a good choice.Which one you can choose best, which one suits you best, ask for advice, you can do it right but also right wrong!

You need iodine!