• Do you react strongly to coffee?

• Do you respond strongly to alcohol?

• In the past, you could handle alcohol and coffee better than you do now?

• Do you suffer from itchy skin?

• Do you regularly experience headaches above the eyes?

• Do you suffer from a bitter metallic taste?

• Do you suffer from fatty food?

• Do you have a period of drugs. medication and/or alcohol?

• Do you react strongly to the use of medications?

• Are liver levels in the blood elevated?

If you have answered 3 questions or more with yes then there is a chance that your liver and bile will need support.

What can we do for you?

By making adjustments to the diet, supplemented with supplementation where necessary, the liver and bile can reduce symptoms. We can help to create a good, varied and tasty food taking into account your wishes, complaints and possibilities.

Appointment and information

Make an appointment for tailored advice for comprehensive and personally customized nutritional advice. If you want more information, please contact us.