Edited as little as possible

Natural food stands for a purely natural diet. Natural food contains as few additives as possible, is processed as little as possible and is preferably organic. A food that is processed as little as possible is rich in nutrients and poor in unnecessary additives.

An example: Use of olive oil instead of (liquid) baking and roasting products. Olive oil is pure nature and unprocessed, for the taste you can possibly add a knob of butter, another example of a natural food product.

Rather real than fake

If you choose natural food you get everything within your body, compare fruit yoghurt from a suit or yogurt where you put your own fruit in. The first is packed with sugar or sweeteners, aroma and other additives) E numbers. The second is full of fibre, vitamins, minerals and so-called bioactive substances, super tasty and of course healthy!

The Diet Shop always takes the advice of a raw diet as natural as possible.

Our book Nutrition Pyramid shows you what natural food looks like!

What can we do for you?

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