Bread, isn't it good for me? Is it the gluten, is spelt better or am I not allowed to eat any grain except oats? What's good for me?

Gluten, can I stand that? 
Bread is usually made from the grains of wheat, rye, spelt and/or kamut gluten. These cereals contain gluten. Many people don't seem to be able to cope with gluten, people who have celiac disease and people who are sensitive to gluten. It is estimated that about 1 in 100 people has celiac disease. About 5-10 out of 100 are thought to be gluten sensitivity, these people feel (physically and mentally) better if they do not eat gluten.

Intestinal problems with cereals?
Cereals also have fermentable carbohydrates, people with irritable bowel can get intestinal problems. This concerns the cereals: wheat, rye and barley. Avoiding these grains is part of the FODMAP diet. Dietitian Mirjam Bakker can help you with this.

Fast carbs?
Cereals (especially processed varieties) as we find in most types of bread can be easily and very quickly converted into sugars in the body: glucose. This glucose is absorbed into the blood so that it can increase our blood sugar. This allows you to get hungry faster in between but also develop symptoms such as fatigue and even obesity. Dietitian Mirjam Bakker can help you adjust your meals so that you won't be bothered anymore!

Mirjam Bakker, dietitian, specializing in food hypersensitivity, allergy and intestinal symptoms, can help with adjustments in your diet or an elimination diet.

So to really get rid of your complaints!