60-90 minutes

You will receive an individual advice that fits your situation and complaints. Taking into account your eating habits, complaints, wishes and possibilities. We discuss a plan, what do you want to achieve and how are we going to do it. Sometimes additional investigations or data are necessary. This is discussed in the first appointment of 1 – 1 1/2 hours. You go home with an opinion so you can get started right away. At the follow-up appointments we look at how it goes, what else is needed, whether we like it and what we still want to adapt.

Vitamin and minerals check

90 mins

Do you want to know if you are getting everything, or if you need extra vitamins and minerals? Are you deficient?

Did you know, for example, that medications (including the contraceptive pill) can affect your intake and need for vitamins and minerals. Together with you you you will be looked at your nutrition and if necessary you will receive advice on blood tests. Taking into account any medication use, a dietary calculation and possible blood tests, you will receive a fit of nutritional and possibly supplementation advice. With practical tips, daily menus and recipes.


30 mins

Do you have any burning questions for the dietitian? Are you pregnant, vegetarian, do you want to know more about supplements? Then make an appointment for a speed date and ask all your questions. A speed date takes 30 minutes.

Girlfriend or partner consultation

Strong together!

120 mins

Make an appointment with your partner or girlfriend if you want to work on your health together and still want personal advice. In everything you need to change your lifestyle, someone else's support can be a godsend. Think of losing weight together, or tackling high blood pressure, cholesterol or diabetes. Together you stand stronger! Or do you want to consult with your partner because you have a pregnancy wish, you are welcome. If in doubt, please contact us if your complaints are suitable for a partner consultation.

Appointment and information

Make an appointment for a speed date if you have short questions or tailored advice for extensive nutritional advice, a partner- girlfriend consultation, a vitamin and mineral check. If you want more information, please contact us.