Orthos is the Greek word for right, molecular means the molecules concerning. Orthomolecular nutrition means: a food in which all nutrients are optimally present for good health.

We use a virtually unprocessed diet: natural food, supplemented with dietary supplements where necessary.

Our book Nutrition Pyramid shows you what this looks like!

What does the orthomolecular dietitian do?

An orthomolecular dietitian looks at the story behind your complaint. This means that the advice of two clients with the same complaint may look different. When compiling your treatment plan and dietary advice, we take into account your personal history, your metabolic type, your ideas and wishes. And finally with your vitality, energy level and possibilities.

In addition to the latest scientific information, we use our experience to achieve nutritional therapy. Depending on your needs, we will also help you in practice. How do you do that with a dinner party, holiday or what do you say to your friends or colleagues.

We support and motivate you when following your diet, so you avoid relapse and guilt. We help you achieve your goal, optimal health and vitality!

We work with health partners. We will refer you to them if we think this is important for your health.

What can we do for you?

Make an appointment for a speed date if you have short questions or a tailor-made advice for an extensive and adapted nutritional advice or a vitamin and minerals check. If you want more information, please contact us.