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Feed-Your-Healthy Dietitian

Do you have a complaint and want to get rid of it permanently? Do you want more energy, healthier living or more about the right nutrition for your health? I recommend you as natural as possible unprocessed food: natural food. Where necessary supplemented with (nutritional) supplements.

Of course better; Feed your health

Experience shows that many health problems improve or disappear with the adjustment of the diet. Sometimes small changes can already have a big result. Together we will look for the right food and adjustments to treat your complaints and address the cause of this.

The approach is aimed at improving complaints without medicines and long-term medical interventions. So now, but also in the future.

Mirjam Baker


As a Nutrition-your-Healthy Dietitian I am affiliated with the Network Orthomolecular Dieticians (NOD) in which we exchange knowledge and scientific information. After completing the hbo training in dietetics I followed many courses to broaden my knowledge. I work with the latest scientific insights according to the principles of Evidence Based Medicine. This means that I use the scientific literature, my knowledge and experience and your wishes and possibilities in the search for a solution to your complaints. In addition, I give nutrition workshops, nutrition lessons to therapists and (para-) medics. I am also chairman of the Network Orthomolecular Dieticians (NOD) and I write for the Nutrition Pyramid and I have developed the FODMAP brochure (co-) developed.

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Quality Register for Paramedics.

Feed-Your-Healthy Dietitian

Nature Dieticians Netherland
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To reinforce the effect of my actions, it is important to work together. That's why I like to work with (home) doctors, therapists and colleagues.

Jacqueline Tesselaar- bioresonance and acupuncture

Marloes Reijman – Pelvic physiotherapy Frankenslag in The Hague

Arina Marsman acupuncture and Chinese physiotherapy

Sander Tolenaar- osteopathy

Rikke Sorensen and Marie-Louise Stassen- Chiropractic

In your Body Massage Practice

Power pyramid

Food pyramid stands for pure natural, tasty and healthy food, organic, without bags or packets or added sugar. I use this as the basis for the advice. Together with fellow dietitian Louise Witteman I developed the Nutrition Pyramid and wrote the accompanying Nutrition Pyramid book and recipes.