In the paleolitic diet we go back to our origins, the diet of man as hunter-gatherer. You mainly eat fruit, nuts, seeds and fish, shellfish, egg, poultry, meat, insects and a little honey. Cereals such as bread and dairy such as milk or cheese are not part of the paleolitic diet. With the paleo diet you can continue to eat healthy and tasty. In practice, this is not always easy. How do you make sure you get everything you need. How do you do this at work and can your family just eat with you? We'll help you with practical tips, daily menus and recipes. But above all, make sure that your food is full and healthy. We can look at and calculate your nutrition together with you. In consultation with you, adjust your diet. In addition, we can advise you good supplements possibly following blood tests for deficiencies.

What can we do for you?

Make an appointment for a speed date if you have short questions or a tailor-made advice for an extensive and tailored nutritional advice or a vitamin and mineral check. If you want more information, please contact us.