Do you have a pregnancy wish? Do you want to prepare well for a healthy pregnancy? Or know how to shed your chance of a healthy pregnancy in a natural way? Nutrition as well as vitamins and minerals can affect your endocrine system, both for men and women. The weight of you and your partner also affects fertility.

Around pregnancy, most women are already more aware of nutrition. Unfortunately, not many women manage to eat according to the recommended guidelines and get all the nutrients. A pregnancy is a period in which this is very important! I would like to see together with you how you can optimize your diet and I will guide you with the right nutrition around the pregnancy.

  • Naturally pregnant
  • Healthy food before, during and after pregnancy
  • Eat for your hormones and ovulation.
  • Facts and fables about fertile nutrition
  • Nutrition and supplementation for fertility for men and women
  • Your body and weight in balance

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