In addition to the usual examinations that the doctor can offer, an additional examination can provide more clarity about the cause of your complaints.

Intestinal flora

Stool research provides insight into the composition of the gut microbiota (also known as intestinal flora). In our gastrointestinal tract there are about 1.5 kg of bacteria. The bacteria are active in digesting nutrition, protect our body from disease, they play an important role in our immune system and keep the gut healthy.

An imbalance between healthy bacteria and sickeners can be the cause of intestinal symptoms. Such as a difficult bowel movement, cramps, diarrhea, a bloated stomach, foul winds and bad breath. Also, a disturbed intestinal flora can lead to reduced resistance, chronic infections and food hypersensitivity.

What can we do for you?

By determining the bacterial, yeast – fungal numbers and digestive parameters (possibly in combination with parasites) and comparing this with the normal values, it is possible to tailor the treatment to your personal situation.

Gut in balance

Make an appointment to see if and what research is needed for you. After the research we discuss the results and the therapy possibilities. These always consist of a personal and tailored nutritional and supplementation advice to rebalance the intestinal function and flora.