The first 1000 days, a basis for life!

The period from conception to the second anniversary (the first thousand days) are very very important for the development and also determines the health of the next life.

Unique opportunity

During these first 1000 days of a lifetime, development and growth are the fastest. The body is programmed on how to do its job in the future life.

These first 1000 days give a unique opportunity to lay the foundation for good health!

Much of the health is determined by environmental factors.

Already during pregnancy

A very important external factor is the nutrients that the baby receives during this period. First in the belly of the mother and through breastfeeding, then through the first own snacks.

The Health Council is expected to provide nutritional advice for pregnant women, breastfeeding women and children up to the age of 2 by the end of 2018.

Information and advice

Would you like to know more or advice on good nutrition for you and your child during these first 1000 days? Frederike Karduks specialises in this. Contact us for more information or an appointment.